black male syndrome week ending 10-04-15

America continues to be afflicted with a plague of Biblical proportions, black male syndrome.  Everywhere they are present black males commit violent crime.  The following brief sample of their offenses is for the week ending 10-04-15.

In New Orleans, LA an unidentified black male terrorized and robbed at gunpoint two female teachers inside a school.  (  Also in New Orleans 2 unidentified black males rear ended a woman in traffic then carjacked her.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 10-04-15″


black caregivers abuse the helpless

Below are five sick cases of abuse from just the past 6 weeks that show the true nature of blacks.  In each crime the offending colored was employed to take care of helpless human beings including the elderly, the disabled, and children.

In Newton, NC 2 colored females working as personal care assistants for Carillon Assisted Living allowed a third colored female with a sail fawn to take a photo of an elderly woman with Alzheimers using the commode.  They then posted it on Snapchat for the amusement of their nigger friends.  ( Continue reading “black caregivers abuse the helpless”

black male syndrome week ending 09-27-15

black male syndrome is a chronic disease that persists throughout the US.  Learn the signs and symptoms, and be prepared to defend yourself with ruthless aggression.  The following is a tiny sample of black male syndrome for the week ending 09-27-15.  I hope you were not affected.

In Portage, IN 19 year old raymond freeman was arrested at a Carlisle restaurant.  He was in the office for a job interview and was left alone.  While there he used the office fawn to make calls and was cursing loudly.  Then, an employee discovered freeman had stolen her sail fawn.  freeman was told to leave and refused.  When cops arrived freeman threatened to come back and blow up the restaurant.  (nwitimes.comContinue reading “black male syndrome week ending 09-27-15″

black male syndrome week ending 09-20-15

black male syndrome persists across America leaving death, destruction, and decay in every community blacks inhabit.  The following is a micro sample of their malarkey for the week ending 9-20-15.

Last Friday morning in Jackson, MS 3 black males robbed 2 people at gunpoint in a church parking lot next door to a police precinct.  The offending coloreds stole cash and IDs and tried to steal a car but couldn’t get it started.  The victims dialed 911 several times but it was busy.  In a majority nigger city like Jackson where niggers run the police force and the crime world, it’s likely the 911 operators and/or cops were busy committing this robbery and thus unable to answer the damn fawn.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 09-20-15″

Hiawayi Robinson is black apathy

One year ago yesterday in Prichard, AL – a violent colored city – 9 year old black kid hiawayi robinson disappeared.  Days later her body was found.  She was raped and murdered.  For weeks it was rumored that the crime was committed by a White woman in a Cadillac who hiway had been panhandling from.  A few months later police arrested the girl’s father, hiawatha robinson, for her rape and murder.

This week local media dug up the story.  Fox 10 TV complained that the memorial site of the precious baby child, 1 year later, was now an overgrown, litter strewn empty lot with rotting moldy teddy bears and balloons that don’t float anymore.  What else would it be? Continue reading “Hiawayi Robinson is black apathy”

The 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing

On September 15, 1963 in Birmingham, AL White men bombed a building niggers called the 16th Street Baptist Church.  I am proud to claim such White violence as the 1963 Birmingham church bombing as part of my heritage.  God bless those White men.

Whites needed to destroy that building.  coloreds needed their noses bloodied and their faces rubbed in shit by Whites.  The bombing accomplished that.  Continue reading “The 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing”

black male syndrome week ending 09-13-15

black male syndrome rages on.  Last week was full of violence and mayhem perpetrated by America’s coloreds.  Usually I start this weekly thread with a funny story of some inept nigger criminal’s property crime, but not today.  There’s less to laugh about and more to be wary of.

Last week in Bartholomew County, IN myles crenshaw beat his ex-girlfriend’s ass, took her 11 month old baby, and ran off down the road.  Police K-9 units later found him and the kid. ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 09-13-15″

Pensacola black church tells cops get out

Pensacola black church preacher freddie tellis of the allen chapel AME is one uppity piece of trash.  This past weekend Pensacola police officers went to the church with a court order to take a 13 year old girl back to her custodial parent.  Inside the lobby, members exercised their right to not cooperate with police, so police went into the sanctuary.  As so often happens with coloreds, one of them recorded video with her sail fawn.  Yesterday, the police department released a cop’s body cam video, too.  Continue reading “Pensacola black church tells cops get out”

recent milestones for black america

Celebrating victimhood is part of the DNA and culture of black america.  It’s time to take a look back to commemorate two noteworthy events.

First, August 28th was the 60th anniversary of the justifiable homicide of emmett till.  He was an aspiring serial rapist who got in trouble in his hometown of Chicago and fled to live with relatives in Money, MS.  While there he tried to rape a White woman.  The woman’s husband and brother-in-law dealt some permanent justice out to till.  They beat him, gouged out an eye, shot him in the head, and dumped his sorry ass into a river.  (  It’s too bad liberals twisted this wonderful story.  Whites should be proud of how they used to protect themselves. Continue reading “recent milestones for black america”

black male syndrome week ending 09-07-15

Summer is over but black male syndrome has not abated.  Across America black males commit crimes against property, people, and nature.  The following is a tiny sample of black male syndrome for the week ending 09-07-15.

In what cops are calling “a shoe deal gone bad” LOL three nigger bucks tried to rob someone.  The victim had agreed to meet the coons somewhere to sell them shoes out of the trunk of his car.  Instead, they pulled a gun on him and stole his sail fawn and BMW.  One colored drove off and the other two for some reason ran off.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 09-07-15″