black male syndrome week ending 11-22-15

There’s nothing in this week’s black male syndrome report as evil as the home invasion, rape and murder by 3 niggers of the White preacher’s wife in Indiana.  But, every nigger in this thread is made of the same shit and needs to be deleted.  Here’s some of the anarchy coloreds wrought upon us for the week ending 11-22-15.

In Omaha, NE devante croffer, a busy teen, was arrested for robbery.  He robbed at least 12 convenience stores in the past 3 weeks.  (  In Roseville, MI a nigger robbed a bank.  (  In Amherst, NY a nigger robbed a bank.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 11-22-15″


black mayor uses city credit card for 625 dollar a night hotel stays

Sometimes I daydream of winning the lottery and having F You money.  There’s another way to get rich without hard work – be a politician in a corrupt black city like Birmingham, Alabama’s black mayor william bell.  He spends many nights in very expensive hotels and puts it all on the city of Birmingham’s credit card.  You can learn more, and see images of credit card statements, and read the nigger mayor’s eat shit responses to reporters at Continue reading “black mayor uses city credit card for 625 dollar a night hotel stays”

my song about trayvon martin

I don’t have time to go to the shrine in Sanford, FL and piss on the teddy bears, but I did write a song about trayvon martin and his worthless life.  You may have seen it on the old Cut the Malarkey website.  Here’s an encore.  Please feel free to record your own version.  It is sung to the tune of Elton John’s Leavon and there are karaoke tracks on YouTube.

trayvon wore his hoodie like a crown
When he burglarized houses
Stole all their jewelry
And he took it to his charter school in town

trayvon, trayvon liked his candy
He stole a lot they say
Spent his days boosting
From the Tom Thumb and the Circle K Continue reading “my song about trayvon martin”

sybrina fulton is the legacy of martin luther king

sybrina fulton, the mammy of serial burglar and suspected rapist trayvon martin, will be the keynote lecturer at Penn State’s 2016 commemoration of martin luther king.  (  There is no good reason for a college to legitimize trayvon martin, but it is right to equate trayvon and his mammy to the legacy of martin luther king.

By any normal definition of being a mother, sybrina fulton is a fucking failure.  How is the legacy of mlk in her life?  She “raised” a son, trayvon martin, to be an unrepentant criminal parasite, and she’s treated as a celebrity victim because somebody justifiably homicided her bastard. Continue reading “sybrina fulton is the legacy of martin luther king”

black male syndrome week ending 11-15-15

black male syndrome is America’s domestic terrorism.  Here are a few of their attacks against us for the week ending 11-15-15.

First, a quick announcement.  Memphis cops recaptured randy “Poof!” rodgers.  Early last week while being held at the police station he attacked two detectives, ran and got away, all while wearing handcuffs.  He was found later in the week hiding in a trash can.  (  Now, the mayhem. Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 11-15-15″

black male syndrome week ending 11-08-15

black male syndrome is out of control.  Here is a sample of the violence of coloreds for the week ending 11-08-15.

A real life Grand Theft Auto video game style chase played out in Miami Gardens, FL as deserving teen alain moss ran from police for an hour in a stolen Chevy Tahoe.  You name it, nigger did it, everything from hitting innocent drivers to going the wrong way on a fucking interstate.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 11-08-15″

Black Mayor alvin brown and Missing Gift Cards

Jacksonville, FL is a progressive diverse city.  Thus, it’s niggerfuxated.  Former mayor alvin brown, the city’s first black mayor, used taxpayer money to buy $27,000 worth of gift cards to give to city employees for their hard work LOL.  The gift cards disappeared.  Poof.  What happened to those gift cards? Continue reading “Black Mayor alvin brown and Missing Gift Cards”

black male syndrome week ending 11-01-15

black male syndrome continues to wreak havoc across the U.S.  Here is a brief sample of coloreds’ malarkey for the week ending 11-01-15.

In Baltimore, MD a trayvon robbed 2 people of their sail fawns.  They later saw him walking down the street and took his photo.  They offered him money for the return of their sail fawns, but he pulled a gun and shot their car.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 11-01-15″

George Lucas Gives Millions for Black directors

Wow, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas just donated $10 million to USC to be spent on colored students studying cinema and film.  He wants to increase the number of black directors in Hollywood to enable blacks to tell their stories.  You can read more at

In the future we can look forward to more commercials for uppity black movies we’ll never watch.  Thanks, George Lucas.  For now, let’s recap black directors’ achievements so far. Continue reading “George Lucas Gives Millions for Black directors”

More black male teachers Is Not the Answer

This week the government released its national report card.  America’s colored students continue to lag far behind every other group in schools.  (  A program known as Call Me Mister wants to give black males a free college edumacation to become teachers.  Will relying on black male teachers end the black achievement gap?

Hell no it won’t it’s a shitfire stupid idea. Continue reading “More black male teachers Is Not the Answer”