black male syndrome week ending 08-30-15

black male syndrome ruined another week for America.  Our permanent underclass continues its crime wave.  Below is a small sample of colored malarkey for the week ending 08-30-15.

In Port St. Lucie, FL aaron d. richardson broke into his former high school to use a computer to Facebook with his grandmammy.  He couldn’t figure it out, got mad, punched it, and broke it.  He hung around the empty school, stole some snacks and Gatorade, and rode around campus on a golf cart.  ( and wpbf.comContinue reading “black male syndrome week ending 08-30-15″


Indianapolis is a Case Study in black male syndrome

Indianapolis is sick.  In 6 days it has had 7 murders and at least 12 shootings.  ( 8/25/15)  The city has long suffered from black male syndrome and it is getting worse.  One reason for the decline in public safety is Indianapolis has a nigger police chief.  His lack of intelligence and ability are spreading the disease.

Indy’s police chief, rick hite, is a typical affirmative action colored.  He talks the talk, and that’s it.  Today he met with black civic groups and black preachers, and they did the same shucking and jiving they always do.  They want more programs to rehab and mentor the youths.  Chief hite added that he’s going to do things differently than they were done in the past.  ( 8/25/15) By the past he means when Whites ran the police force.  Continue reading “Indianapolis is a Case Study in black male syndrome”

black male syndrome week ending 08-23-15

Fuck the west coast wildfire.  It’s nothing compared to the black male syndrome raging unstopped across America.  Here’s a partial indictment of nigger males for the week ending 08-23-15.

Many national news outlets ignored this, but in Modesto, CA an unidentified black male went on a shooting spree at a music festival. He shot 1 victim to death and wounded 7.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 08-23-15″

You Can Still Win a Book

Do you want to win a book about blacks and how they think?  I still want to give away one copy of tariq king flex nasheed’s nigger literature masterpiece “The Art of Mackin.”  To enter to win send me an email  To learn more, visit my new web page in the menu above titled Win a Book About blacks.

I am extending this offer.  In my first blog post about it I said entries were due before August 21, 2015.  To get more publicity and to give more readers a chance to win, I am accepting entries until August 31, 2015 and the winner will be drawn on September 1, 2015. Continue reading “You Can Still Win a Book”

Even With College Blacks Fail to Prosper

The St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve Bank just put out an article on higher education.  In it they write that Whites with college degrees are more successful in life than are blacks with college degrees.  You can read it here at  They blame the difference on job market difficulties unique to blacks and blacks’ financial decision making.

danielle douglas-gabriel, an uppity colored, has been given a crayon and paper by the Washington Post.  They put her drivel online at  She concludes that racism is the reason Whites do better, or at least more gooder, than coloreds. Continue reading “Even With College Blacks Fail to Prosper”

black male syndrome week ending 08-16-15

The cancer metastasizes.  black male syndrome continues to afflict large areas throughout the United States.  Here is a sample of the dirty deeds of black males from last week.

In New York City donald lee-edwards, unlicensed untrained black male, was arrested for posing as a clinical psychologist, calling in refills to pharmacies, and treating 100 patients from his “office” in his mother’s basement.  (  Don’t feel bad.  I laughed at it, too.   Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 08-16-15″

Birmingham City Council Voted Themselves a Big Raise

Birmingham, AL has just about reached critical mass in diversity.  It is run by coloreds, so corruption and malarkey go to the core.  For example, on August 4th the Birmingham City Council voted themselves a big raise.  They currently make $15,000 a year.  With the raise they’ll make $50,000 a year plus an extra $10,000 for expenses.  (abc3340.comContinue reading “Birmingham City Council Voted Themselves a Big Raise”

black male syndrome week ending 08-09-15

black male syndrome continues to plague America with violence.  Last week black males committed many stupid ass crimes as well as horrific murders.  Let’s look at the aftermath of their most recent shit storm.

Last week in Charlotte, NC black male jonathon hill started a fight at a club and shot someone.  Police were able to quickly and easily arrest hill because he had an asthma attack and couldn’t run away.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 08-09-15″

In the gutter is my song about mike brown

August 9th is the one year anniversary of the justifiable homicide of violent adult felon mike brown in Ferguson, MO.  His life, his death, and his illogical martyrdom epitomize the worthlessness of black america.  We need a song about mike brown to set the record straight.

My song “In the Gutter” is sung to the tune of Elvis’ classic “In the Ghetto.”  I don’t have to pipes to sing this.  Do you?  If so, use a karaoke track of Elvis’ song, do your worst, and put it on YouTube.  Share your performance with America.  For all the mike browns, the trayvons, their uppity a-hole parents, their followers and disciples, I hope this song hurts.  Continue reading “In the gutter is my song about mike brown”

You can win a book about nigger psychology

I am giving away a copy of “The Art of Mackin” written by tariq king flex nasheed to one lucky reader on August 21, 2015.  To win,  send me an email and I’ll print the email addresses on slips of paper and pick one out of a hat.

Why give away a book?  I want to gauge the size and interest of my audience.  It would be fun to win a book.  Also, I love to share things that humiliate coloreds and show their true nature.  This ridiculous book does that.  It’s an instruction manual for black males dealing with black females. Continue reading “You can win a book about nigger psychology”