black male syndrome week ending 08-02-15

The chronic disease black male syndrome is not letting up.  Why should it?  Here are some of black america’s achievements from last week.

niggers in law enforcement always commit crime.  Police officer kevin lumpkin of North Randall, OH was caught selling guns to convicted felons.  (  Sheriffs deputy darrell moore of Dallas, TX shoplifted multiple times while in uniform.  (  Alabama state legislator ralph howard shot out his wife’s tires over an argument about raising their children.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 08-02-15″


Media Bias is Media Silence for White Victims

This week 2 white men allegedly laid some Confederate flags on the grass at one of martin luther king’s old churches in Atlanta, GA.  It was a lead story on all network news.  Last weekend a pack of nigger males beat a teenage White woman and busted out 10 of her teeth near Shreveport, LA.  Her name is Jessica Byrnes-Laird.  Did you hear about it? Continue reading “Media Bias is Media Silence for White Victims”

Fox 10 TV in Mobile Mislead About Safety at University of South Alabama

Fox News needs to review its affiliate Fox 10 TV in Mobile, AL.  Yesterday their affirmative action nigger, lenise ligon, reported that the University of South Alabama was ranked one of the 50 safest schools in the US.  Mobile, AL is very unsafe.  I wondered how could the story be true.  It isn’t.  Instead, Fox 10 TV have their heads up their asses. Continue reading “Fox 10 TV in Mobile Mislead About Safety at University of South Alabama”

July 28th is the Birthday of Liberalism

On July 28, 1868 the 14th Amendment was enacted by victorious northern states upon the conquered south.  The 14th Amendment guaranteed full American citizenship and equal protection of the law to coloreds.

The equal protection clause is the tool liberals use to deconstruct America.  Equal protection is the excuse for forced integration of schools and neighborhoods, affirmative action for coloreds in all areas of life, and whatever else the parasites can think of.  Post Civil War Reconstruction was bad for the south.  This liberal Deconstruction we’re suffering is worse. Continue reading “July 28th is the Birthday of Liberalism”

black male syndrome week ending 07-26-15

Black male syndrome continues to plague the United States.  Here’s a sample of last week’s mayhem.

For two days in Houston, TX police had an amber alert for a 12 year old colored male.  He was in some sort of relationship with 40 year old black male tranny cornelius alix, alias chekita.  After spending time together doing who knows what, the nigglet went home.  ( Continue reading “black male syndrome week ending 07-26-15″

The Truth About the WWE and Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan used the word nigger.  His employer, the WWE, has just fired him and erased his name from throughout their website and organization.  Hulk Hogan was not fired for being a racist.  That’s just a convenient excuse.  Hulk Hogan was fired because the WWE’s Vince McMahon is a control freak. Continue reading “The Truth About the WWE and Hulk Hogan”

Black Serial Rapist Age 13 Arrested in New Orleans

There is no limit to the depravity of black males.  They all commit violent crimes.  Occasionally, one of them is caught.  This month a 7 year old girl and an 8 year old girl were raped in New Orleans.  DNA evidence has linked those two rapes to a 13 year old black male.  DNA evidence?  Yes.  The 13 year old colored male’s DNA was already in the CODIS database.  He was already an experienced violent criminal.

You can read what little info has been released to the public at  You can see a photo of the offending colored there as well, although his face is blurred to protect his privacy since he’s a teen.

At some point we either act to permanently end the threat of black male syndrome, or we’ll all fall victim to it.  Stay alert out there.

Miami School Board Gives trayvon’s Mammy sybrina fulton an Award

This is one of the most shitfire stupid things elected public officials can do.  On July 15, 2015 Miami-Dade County Public Schools honored trayvon martin’s mammy, sybrina fulton.  Why are elected officials legitimizing the cult of trayvon? Continue reading “Miami School Board Gives trayvon’s Mammy sybrina fulton an Award”

black male syndrome Week Ending 07-19-2015

black male syndrome flared up across the United States last week.  It is caused by the presence and actions of coloreds, not summer temperatures.  Below is a sampling of the diversity of nigger anarchy from the past 7 days.

Last week in Oktibbeha County, MS a nigger raped a horse.  The offending colored’s name is Larry Mobley.  (wjtv.comContinue reading “black male syndrome Week Ending 07-19-2015″

Lawn Jockey Prices Rise With Confederate Flag Debate

Lawn jockeys.  Those little artificial niggers that some people put in their front yards.  Prices of lawn jockeys have skyrocketed as liberal idiots try to shame and intimidate people who respect the history and heritage of the Confederate flag. Continue reading “Lawn Jockey Prices Rise With Confederate Flag Debate”